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This section explains how to use the iptvx interface by mouse, keyboard or remote control. The intended use of iptvx is both on Desktop-PCs including notebook computers as well as integrated set-top boxes for TVs. Therefore the user interface allows control through a keyboard, the mouse or a remote control.

Mouse control

Using the mouse to hover over the application window will bring up the various control interfaces such as the channel list, the control in the center or the audio and subtitle selection on the right. The mouse wheel allows to navigate through windows in the same way the arrow keys allow navigation.

Keyboard control

There are keys that always work and others work depending on the user interface currently present. If f.e. the channel list is present, the up and down arrow keys allow to navigate the channel list. If the audio channel and subtitle selection however is present, the arrow keys will allow to navigate that instead.

Key Function
ESC hide all ui windows
ALT control and info
SHIFT channel list
TAB main epg display
ALT Right audio tracks and subtitles
CTRL epg search window
END exit application
^ toggle full screen
navigate up (list, tracks, epg)
navigate down (list, tracks, epg)
navigate right (epg)
navigate left (epg)
ENTER select/ toggle highlighted item

Remote control

Users that want to use a remote control unit such as a regular TV remote or any other remote controls, should do so by having the remote control emulate the keyboard keys as defined in the section above. There is no direct LIRC support and it is not intended to provide LIRC support in the near future.