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The iptvx application is an Open Source project under the Apache Software License. It's source code is freely available under that license on GitHub, where you can download it.

HTML5, JavaScript & CSS app frontend

Although iptvx was primarily written in C and it's base is a C application, a large number of code consists of JavaScript. This is because iptvx uses WebKit to render it's frontend or "overlay application" as it is called in parts of the source code. So if you want to customise iptvx, you don't have to be a passionate or experienced C/C++ programmer. You can do a lot of nice enhancements and customisations with JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS!

Libraries and their sources

All other libraries' source code is also available online. There are no proprietary libraries shipped, linked or used by iptvx directly. It aims to be a fully Open Source project and is developed as such.

If you intend to build or fork iptvx, it is highly recommended to get yourself familiar with the above libraries, their documentation or sources. All of the above are well known, well documented and highly sophisticated libraries available on all major Linux distributions. They can also be found as development or source packages in your distribution's repositories.