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The software iptvx is licensed to users under the Apache License 2.0 (ASL) and uses a number of libraries that are licensed under different licences. This page lists all libraries used by iptvx and their corresponding license. This list is to monitor the used libraries to avoid any violations of the underlying licenses.

Libraries under the MIT can be changed or distributed as that license is fully compatible with the ASL. The libraries under the LGPL can be linked, but not changed under the ASL. Should the LGPL libraries be distributed with the software, the LGPL license agreement needs to be shipped with it.

The software jQuery comes as a part of the overlay application included in the default package and is shipped alongside the application which is fully compliant as jQuery used the Apache License 2.0 (Source:

Commercial use

The general intention is to allow commercial use of iptvx, especially on embedded hardware as long as it complies with the boundaries defined in the Apache License 2.0 and does not violate the licenses of the libraries mentioned above. Especially when shipped it needs to comply with the license of the respective libraries in addition to the Apache License 2.0 which includes but is not limited to shipping the license documents for example.


The software iptvx allows users to play and record TV or TV-like streaming channels and display EPG information that are supplied in the XMLTV format. Neither does iptvx or its developer supply channels or guidance on how to find channels nor does iptvx or its developer supply XMLTV resources or guidance on how to obtain XMLTV data. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the usage of the software iptvx conforms with the law of the country the user and/ or usage falls under. Any channel resources or XMLTV content distributed or supplied with iptvx is purely for testing or development purposes and not supposed to be part of the distribution or supply. All packages of iptvx neither supply channels nor XMLTV resources.